The world isn’t pretty. It’s full of darkness and horror, and so are you and I. There are a few of us that face the chaos, and turn it into art. We are the dark artists, the gloomy and fierce, our faces made up, dressed in gowns of shadows and despair, wearing our insides on the outside. We deal with the horror and together we are strong. You may find it terrifying, or grotesque. This is just the way our souls sound. It may surprise you, but we also have a lot of fun.

Our occult gathering, Avgrunden (in English; The Abyss), came to life in June 2017. Our association was founded in connection with the initiative RTSI – Right To Subcultural Identity, who works against discrimination against subcultures such as the goth and synth scenes. Since then, we’ve grown quickly in numbers and operations, and today, we’re well past 100 registered members, who are all dark artists. Since spring of 2018, we’ve organised multiple exhibitions and collaborations nationally and internationally, with increased participation and networks.

We are now ready to expand our network into the world and let our dark tar art trickle down into all the unknown depths and corners of the world. We want an international discussion about dark art and subcultures, and are looking to organise collaborative exhibitions and events outside of Scandinavia. Contact us for collaborations or quandaries.